Good habits every golfer should develop

17/07/2019 | Sin comentarios

To begin with, playing golf is as much about mindset and habit as it is anything else. Forming the right habits can go a long way in producing better performances on the golf course. What are the good habits every golfer should develop?

Perhaps the best place to begin is the mental aspect of playing golf.

It is a Tuesday morning in Marbella; the weather is great and you are at Los Naranjos GC. Perhaps things are not going your way and you know you can play better. However, it is a Tuesday morning and you are out playing golf in lovely conditions.
You should be grateful and being grateful for just having the time, money and health to play golf. If you can remain grateful at all times, it will change your outlook on the game. You will enjoy yourself more and this can lead to playing better golf.

Using your practice time effectively is a fantastic habit to develop.

Instead of turning up at the driving range and hitting a few balls with the driver, set a routine. You could create a different practice routine for each time you go to the range and work on various aspects of your game.
Actually making full use of your practice time is a good habit every golfer should develop. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or have been playing for years, tailored practice sessions always help.
A pre-shot routine can go a long way to improve your golf. Having a pre-shot routine is a habit most of the top professional golfers possess. It does not matter what it is, as long as you feel comfortable and it allows you to get into the zone. You will know when you have a good pre-shot routine because it will feel right every time you do it.
As a matter of fact a pre-shot routine is like a habit of its own and every golfer should have one.

The best players are able to stay in the present, regardless of what happens on the golf course.

How often have you allowed one bad shot stay in your mind? It can ruin a whole round so a good habit to develop is staying in the present.
Do not think about the last shot you played, your score or what other players may be thinking. Focus on the next shot and what you are trying to achieve. Go through the process, play the shot and enjoy the walk to your ball.
If you can pick up the habit of staying in the present, it will help your game immensely.

Finally, try and get into the habit of managing your expectations.

Do not go out on a wet and windy day expecting to score the same as a dry and calm day. You will only end up being disappointed. Get into the habit of managing expectations and you will not be left feeling disappointed at the end of your round.