How to adjust to home working during Covid-19.

26/04/2020 | Sin comentarios

To begin with it’s every office worker’s dream to work from home. However, now that we’re over a month into the Covid-19 health crisis, some telecommuters are complaining. In fact, working from home hasn’t lived up to all the hype.

In general, chances are they quickly threw together a home office rather than carefully considering their working environment. If you’ve reached the point where your boss approved telecommuting, now is your chance to create the perfect home office. In this way you can enjoy working from home.

Create your working environment.

Firstly, choose a quiet spot in your home that’s away from children, pets, and your spouse. If there’s a door you can close, perfect! Place your desk near a window to get plenty of natural daylight. Nevertheless, you should have a lamp to brighten your working surface so your eyes don’t get strained.

Then you should have a comfortable office chair. If you don’t, there are plenty of online shops that deliver. Your working surface should be a desk or table. Your office chair should be adjusted so that your arms are horizontal to the desk’s surface, with your screen at eye level. It’s trickier to do this if you’re working from a laptop. Even though you can adjust your chair or place a book under your laptop computer.

Decorate your space.

Your desk doesn’t have to be empty of everything but work. For example you can put some of your favourite possessions on top. Some ideas include a vase with flowers, ornaments or candles. Even a pop culture toy like a “Funko Pop of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods.

On the other hand avoid cluttering your desk too much. You’ll want to quickly find what you need, particularly if you’re in the middle of a telephone or conference call.

Therefore if you do live Skype or conference calls, it’s also important to consider what’s in the background. If you can, place an attractive large art print on the wall behind you.

Set your routine.

Just like your office job has a routine, you should stick to the same routine from home. Even so inform your family that you’re not available between specific hours of the day. Don’t forget to keep to a regular meal routine too, as being hungry can impact the quality of your work.
Also keep a thermos of water nearby, and a few healthy snacks in your desk drawer. In this way you can avoid visiting the kitchen too often.

Even if you feel comfortable and relaxed working from home, you should set your alarm to remind you to take a break every two hours. This gives you a chance to visit the bathroom or quickly check on your family. Moreover don’t forget to get some fresh air too. Actually, you can head to the balcony or patio to relax your eyes from the screen.

It’s never too late to set up your home working space.

Finally it may take a bit of effort to get it perfect, but soon you’ll be able to enjoy working from home. Maybe your boss will even let you continue to work from home once this Covid-19 crisis is over!

All Los Naranjos GC team is doing home office and we hope to return very soon!
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